At the Jennifer Riordan Foundation we believe that kindness is our currency. If you would like to donate please know that 100% of all donations will be used to support our kindness initiatives for early childhood education, women’s empowerment, community vitality, and financial literacy. You will allow us to continue to recognize, support, and spread acts of kindness in the spirit of Jenn.

Get Involved

If you or your organization would like to partner with us to spread kindness in your area, reach out and we can help bring a community kindness day to your neighborhood. Our team would love to hear more about your efforts to bring out the good in your community and how we can support your efforts.

Take Our Wheel of Kindness for a Spin!

We’ve come up with some easy ways to be Kind, Loving, Caring, and Sharing every day of the week! Click “Spin the Wheel” below to play. Your selection will display below the wheel.

Spin the Wheel
Share your appreciation for someone
Reconnect with an old friend
Babysit for a friend/family for free
Volunteer for a local charity
Write a nice message to family or friend
Open the door for someone
Pay for a stranger’s coffee/lunch
Post a positive review for a local business
High five your coworker
Run errands for a busy friend/family

Connect with our partners

We have had the honor of partnering with organizations across New Mexico and along our tour route who are doing amazing things in their communities. From helping students in STEM classrooms, to supporting families tackling life threatening illnesses, these organizations are in their communities demonstrating what it means to be Kind, Loving, Caring and Sharing to every person.