Jennifer Riordan Foundation Statement

In 2018, the Jennifer Riordan Foundation was formed to honor the kind spirit and carry on the legacy of Jennifer Riordan, a pillar of philanthropy and kindness throughout the Albuquerque community. It is our mission to recognize, support and spread acts of kindness in the spirit of Jenn.

The Spark Kindness movement started by connecting with community organizations and schools to help make Albuquerque the kindness capital of the world. This started with our Spark Kindness app where you can help us get to 1,000,000 acts of kindness logged.

The foundation has since grown to support multiple school Spark Kindness grants, sponsored community acts of kindness days and more with the help of our partners who want to make the world a better place through kindness. We are excited to go out of our “kindness zone” on the Spark Kindness Tour. We will kick off our tour in Albuquerque, NM and end in Colchester, VT. Follow along with us as we spread kindness to communities across the United States!

Representing the Jennifer Riordan Foundation

This is the official branding and logo guide for the Jennifer Riordan Foundation. Each element has been carefully selected to reflect the cohesive brand image of the foundation. Please read more on our brand guidelines for proper use of our logo, brand colors, and typography when referencing the Jennifer Riordan Foundation in any publication, social media, or media outlet.

Press Releases

Flash Drive: In the Garden of Sharing

Flash Drive: In the Garden of Sharing

Join us and the Albuquerque Community Foundation as we remember the beautiful Jennifer Riordan and (for the first time) light up the "In the Garden of Sharing" mural painted in...

A Spark of Kindness

A Spark of Kindness

Our mission is to spark kindness throughout Albuquerque by creating beautiful public art that brings together the people of our community along with visitors and reminds them of...


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