ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A reminder to be kind, loving, caring, and sharing probably couldn’t come at a better time.

At Central and Walter, the artist Paz is working on a mural that is funded by the Jennifer Riordan Foundation.

The mural showcases two wings, in black and white, filled with iconic New Mexico images. When the project is complete, people will also find the words “Kind, Loving, Caring and Sharing” in turquoise at the top of the wings.

“At times like this, especially with the governor stay at home order, it gives us a time to stop and to contemplate what that really means,” explained Paz. “What interconnectivity really means and how it is that we each serve a place in this world.”

Mural aims to spread positivity in Albuquerque
The artwork includes balloons, Route 66, the downtown skyline, and iconic sites that represent the Land of Enchantment.

“I’ve got road runners and the yuccas,” Paz said. “I’ve got chile and corn, which of course are as New Mexican as apple pie is American right?”

Even the sports teams are represented, including the old and new Lobo logos.

“My personal take on this is, if anybody ever asked me to paint something has to do with kindness, being loving caring and sharing, I mean that’s just like, that’s like a dream come true to me because those are really some of the qualities that we can use,” expressed Paz.

The goal is also to bring attention to early childhood education, women’s empowerment, financial literacy and community vitality.

“Well you know, I’ve always personally felt that art is medicine,” said Paz. “And so if a person can walk away feeling good or feeling better from this, then I think I’ve accomplished that purpose.”

Paz hopes to have the project completed by May 10.

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