Kindness Night at Isotopes Park

Sept. 19, 2023

Meet "Sunnie"

Thanks for helping us name our Purple Bear!

"In the Garden of Sharing" Mural

located at the Albuquerque Community Foundation Building

Sparkie the Bear

at Jennifer Riordan Spark Kindness Sports Complex

Angel Wings of NM MURAL

located at Walter St. & Central Ave


In 2018, the Jennifer Riordan Foundation was formed to honor the kind spirit and carry on the legacy of Jennifer Riordan. Her mantra in life that she instilled in so many will be carried on through this foundation, the Albuquerque community, and beyond. Please remember to always be Kind, Loving, Caring and Sharing.
Jennifer Riordan and family
Jennifer Riordan

About Jennifer

Jennifer’s vibrancy, passion, and love of philanthropy infused our community and reached across our country. Her impact on all she touched can never be fully measured, but can be honored and continued.

The Jennifer Riordan Foundation continues her legacy to support the causes she cared about so deeply: Community Vitality, Financial Literacy, Childhood Education, and Women’s Empowerment.


Let’s play ball! Are you ready for Kindness Night at Isotopes Park? Bring the whole family to Rio Grande Credit Union Field for our biggest event of the year!

Sparkie can’t wait to see you! Isotopes tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster. Use promo code #KINDNESS at checkout.

Meals on Wheels Partnership

The Jennifer Riordan Foundation is proud to be partnering with Meals on Wheels New Mexico to deliver healthy meals to those in need in our community! Their organization delivers 141,000 meals a year to people of all ages. Learn more about their programs and volunteer opportunities below.
teddy bear
teddy bear
Sunnie (purple) and Sparkie (t-shirt)

“Sparkie” and “Sunnie”

– the Spark Kindness Bears

Vermont Teddy Bear Company believes that love is in the bear and that every teddy bear is made to give hugs, boost your courage and dry your tears when you need it most. That is why we are so grateful to partner with them to create “Sparkie” the Kindness Bear. It’s official! Our Purple Bear was named, “Sunnie” by our social media poll!  It’s our hope that every bear will support those needing extra love and encourage everyone to be kind to others. Learn more and get your own Kindness Bears using the links below:

Who We Help

Early Childhood Development

Women's Empowerment

Financial Literacy

Community Vitality